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Closed-User Testing

We are launching our platform in a private user test and are inviting wholesale Buyers and Suppliers of Agricultural produce and ingredients to register.

Introducing our

Closed User-Pilot

Our private user test aims to connect Buyers and Suppliers who have shown an interest in our agricultural platform with each other before anyone else gets a chance to see it! This exclusive preview will allow the selected users to buy and sell real products from each other using all the features and solutions our platform offers. We will engage with these Buyers and Suppliers during transactions, asking them to tell us what they think of the platform, which features they love the most, and what else they would like to see to help them transact quicker, fairer, safer, more accessible and help increase revenue.

We will not charge any commission to use our platform or connect with buyers and suppliers during the testing other than the typical processing fees of credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

What are you waiting for, register now and we’ll connect you to buyers and suppliers for your products!

How It Works

Register for the pilot

Register for the private test and tell us about your business and products, We will select & match Buyers and suppliers based on the products you want to buy or supply.

Test out the platform

Once the selected Buyers and Suppliers have been confirmed and notified, we will share the details of the Produce Mart platform so they can interact, transact and complete deals.

Give feedback

We will ask for feedback throughout the journey to understand what you like and want to see After the pilot, all feedback will be reviewed and incorporated into the platform!


What's in it for you?

We have looked at some of the biggest challenges for Buyers and Suppliers and put together solutions to help with these. For Buyers, we know quality control of products, long lead times before products are delivered, financing invoices and paying fair prices are issues you experience, while for Suppliers getting a reasonable price for your products, engaging with committed buyers, delayed invoice payments and finding new buyers to help expand your business are some of the issues you encounter. We have solutions for all these, and we think you’ll like them.

Tell us what you think.

We are confident you will love our solutions as we developed them by engaging with Buyers and Suppliers like yourselves to understand what is essential. As part of this private test, we want to hear what you think of the platform and what else you’d like to see us introduce. Our business comes from making it more accessible, safer, cheaper and quicker for you to trade, and we want to know your thoughts.

Some of the features available during the user test include:

  • All suppliers are audited during registration

  • All orders are inspected before shipping

  • Fairer prices as we have cut out the middlemen

  • Qualified Buyers have credit available via our Buy Now Pay Later service

  • Escrow account available to hold funds for all transactions

  • Suppliers get paid promptly once products are available and handed over to shippers

  • Reduced lead times on all orders

    Many more features, register now to find out!

Our Story

Who is ProduceMart? is a business-to-business marketplace for buying and selling wholesale agricultural produce and ingredients. ProduceMart makes it simpler than ever to supply and source agricultural products at a local, regional or international level.

Acting as a platform for both suppliers and buyers, ProduceMart allows more efficient connections and assists with overcoming challenges such as fair pricing for products by removing the intermediaries, reducing long lead times between orders, prompt invoice payment facilitated through our embedded escrow service, invoice financing through our Buy now pay later feature for qualified Buyers, product quality control via inspection of all products sold, audited suppliers among many other features.

Our Platform

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